Technology and software

We are Blucolar

Bridging the gap between Technology and everyday life

Our Drive

A narrative behind what we do. It’s a story about every one of us whose lives can be easier if only we could have access to full scale technological advancement and inclusion. We leverage on lastest technologies to create mind-blowing innovations, giving a rapid rise to technological advancement in Africa.

Who we are

In a time of rapid innovation, Blucolar has emerged as an innovative technology, consultancy and custom software development company in West Africa with it's headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Company offers a wide range of services, ranging from Web development, Business/Product analysis, Mobile app development, Prototyping to other technological services.

With a team very dedicated and passionate about technology, Blucolar strives to make a difference with ethics and creativity while providing the best services and digital solutions within West Africa, Africa and even beyond.

Our Culture

Qualities we believe in

Advanced skills and technical experience of the development team allows us to implement high complexity projects.
We are open about our pricing structure, development methods and our technology standards.
We at Blucolar believe that creativity is the source to solve complex problems and innovate the best ideas.


To become a lead technological power-house in West-Africa, providing the best innovative and creative technological ideas.

To provide premium digital solutions to the problems affecting Africa hence giving rise to technological advancement and boosting the African economy.